With its 110 MW hydro power portfolio, Turen Energy, is a energy company dedicated in renewable and clean energy.

Turen Energy

Turen Energy is established for the purpose of power generation within energy strategies of Akfel Commodities. Turen Energy is a company dedicated in renewable and clean energy with its 110 MW hydro power portfolio currently, aiming to reach 1000 MW power generation capacity together with its strong partners.

Turen Energy owns and manages 85,5 MW of hydro power assets. Turen continues to invest in renewable energy to meet Turkey’s growing electricity needs whilst protecting the environment by developing greenfield projects in solar energy.

In line with Akfel’s power strategy, Turen Enerji has acquired 50% of the following 85,50 MW hydro portfolio, and the company is continuously working on new renewable energy projects to enlarge its capacity.


Established in Istanbul since 1995, Akfel has played a significant role in the regional energy markets  with its strategic partnerships.


We are a young, ambitious and dynamic player in the global energy market. We are focused on delivering enduring value for all of our stakeholders and in order to achieve this we have the right energy, know-how and capabilities.