Developing our most important resource

Human Resources

Akfel focuses on maintaining a progressive workplace environment that encourages participation and is fully respectful of human rights.

Akfel views a safe workplace environment that rewards success and encourages individual development and initiative-taking as one of the foundations of its own future as a company. Akfel also regards having human resources who are the best there are and creating opportunities for their continuous advancement as a fundamental objective as well.

Akfel’s human resources policy holds that all of the company’s employees should be individuals who are broad of vision, who seek to satisfy customers’ needs and expectations, and who are open to improvement and innovation, in order to ensure the continuity of the group’s development and progress in its many different business lines.

Akfel’s human resources strategy similarly focuses on the objectives of ensuring that employees are fully engaged in their work, of strengthening their sense of corporate identity, and on maximizing their happiness.



The basic aim of Akfel’s human resources policy is to recruit the right people for the right jobs in line with the company’s values, vision, and strategies and to then ensure that they remain with the company by increasing their motivation and loyalty, while also constantly improving their individual and corporate performance through quality-enhancing processes and systems. Akfel believes in the importance of keeping abreast of all current developments in human resources practices and of adapting them to its own business model in parallel with its leading role in growth and change.

Akfel Commodities and its subsidiaries make up a trusted corporate group, which values its employees as individuals, treats them fairly, and shares its successes with them. As a group it knows that it has a duty to provide an environment in which employees can develop themselves and realize their potential and it is aware that creating opportunities for its personnel and supporting them in their efforts is crucial to the group’s fulfillment of its own vision.

Training requirements at Akfel and its subsidiaries are systematically determined by taking into account the needs of its employees in light of technological and socioeconomic developments, the demands of competition, and changes in national and international regulations in all the sectors in which the group is active. The underlying goal is to keep the group a learning organization capable of adapting to changes in its business environment through appropriate modification of its employees’ knowledge, skills, and behavior.


Established in Istanbul since 1995, Akfel has played a significant role in the regional energy markets  with its strategic partnerships.


We are a young, ambitious and dynamic player in the global energy market. We are focused on delivering enduring value for all of our stakeholders and in order to achieve this we have the right energy, know-how and capabilities.