iSystems Industries developed itself in the areas of providing EPC works, consultancy and supervision, and manufacturing activities for oil&gas, as well as power industries

iSystems Industries provide manufacturing, engineering, construction and project management activities in energy market since 1995, specialized in providing EPC services, consultancy&supervision and manufacturing activities for oil&gas, as well as power industries.

iSystems Industries

iSystems Industries developed itself in the areas of city distribution, industrial and commercial utilization, by providing manufacturing, engineering, consultancy services, and system integration and thereby became one of the sector’s leading actors.

iSystems Industries companies have been playing a primary role in designing and building the natural gas infrastructure for natural gas-fired/combined-cycle power plants.

iSystems Industries developed itself in the areas of providing EPC works, consultancy and supervision, and manufacturing activities for oil&gas, as well as power industries. iSystems Industries offers the highest quality in piping and plant construction: from engineering, fabrication to commissioning and O&M.

iSystems Industries is actively engaged in the design and construction of pressure control and integrated metering systems, demand for which is becoming increasingly greater.

iSystems Industries provides liquid metering and control solutions to major oil companies in Gulf, MENA and CIS regions.

The total generation capacity of Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power plants with iSystems infrastructure is 10 GW.

iSystems products provide gas service to 25 million households.

iSystems Industries will continue to serve the sector and offer new products as it further develops its range of gas flow regulator products.

iSystems Industries is also actively engaged in the design and construction of CNG and LNG technologies, demand for which is becoming increasingly greater with the spread of alternative fuel for public transportation vehicles.

iSystems is underpinned by its solid engineering know-how. Over 20 years iSystems has been building up the foundations needed for its sustainable growth by distinguishing itself through the services it provides to its domestic and international customers.

iSystems Industries is one of the pioneers of Turkish solar energy market, where it has been delivering innovative and reliable EPC services for PV projects in Turkey, MENA, and CIS regions.

A subsidiary of iSystems Industries, Merk Solar delivers EPC services for PV projects including:

Management of entire process, from engineering to financing and turnkey construction,

Technical and Financial Consulting and DD studies,

Supply chain management,

Construction (PV installation, mounting and performance testing).

Providing operational services and maintenance (O&M)

Having a competent and experienced engineering team that can manage the entire process of development and implementation, Merk Solar provides professional services satisfying customer needs.

As of 2015, company aims to have the largest EPC portfolio in Turkey upon the completion of its 100 MW PV projects in pipeline.

Merk Solar furnished the first on-grid PV system installation in Turkey, which has been approved by FIT scheme. Project was rewarded with “Best Renewable Energy Collaboration Award” at this year’s TIREC Awards in Turkey. iSystems Industries contributes to a clean world for the next generations by enjoying the renewable energy of sun.

Quality is a key element of our business

iSystems performs ISO9001:2008 (approved by TÜV) Quality Assurance System to make sure that its products and services are in line with customers’ expectations and in accordance with the ruling standards and codes. iSystems is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of people and conserving the environment. This commitment is achieved by ensuring that all relevant aspects are addressed in HSE Company Policies and certified in accordance with OHSAH18001:2007 (approved by TÜV) Occupational Health and Safety Management System as well as ISO14001:2004 (approved by TÜV) Environmental Management Systems; complying with all applicable laws and regulations in that respect.

Turkey has earned a justifiably deserved reputation as a worldwide model in the broad-based provision of natural gas and associated services.

Having played a leading role in that process, iSystems Industries is now taking the experience it has acquired and the value it creates into the international arena as well.

iSystems Industries will be seeking to increase its effectiveness in the provision of more advanced-level engineering services in other countries’ markets.



Established in Istanbul since 1995, Akfel has played a significant role in the regional energy markets  with its strategic partnerships.


We are a young, ambitious and dynamic player in the global energy market. We are focused on delivering enduring value for all of our stakeholders and in order to achieve this we have the right energy, know-how and capabilities.