Akfel's corporate competencies: based on knowledge and experience, evolving over time

Corporate Competencies

Unrivaled engineering strengths

Akfel is underpinned by its solid engineering know-how. Over the years Akfel has been building up the foundations needed for its sustainable growth by distinguishing itself through the services it provides to its domestic and international customers. Power plants, transmission and distribution networks, natural gas and oil pipelines, integrated oil and gas engineering solutions, products and EPC services are the key areas in which Akfel continues to demonstrate its superior engineering and production competencies and create value for its customers.

Strongly positioned in international natural gas trade

Thanks to the strong business partnerships that it has built up in the commodity trade, Akfel single-handedly supplies 14% of the natural gas that Turkey needs. Akfel conducts its energy trade operations through joint ventures and/or strategic alliances with such international energy market leaders and global companies as Gazprom, OMV and SOCAR.

Customer- and quality-focus

A customer- and quality-focused service approach is what underpins everything that Akfel does. The success that the Akfel has built up in the industrial services division over the years is the outcome of engineering strength and customer- and quality-focus.

Continuous improvement and lifelong learning

Strategic priorities identified through a proactive approach seek constantly to do better and to create more added value in both the industrial services and the commodity trade segments. Continuous improvement and learning at Akfel are supported by new technologies, R&D and innovation.


Akfel’s human resources are characterized by a strong sense of loyalty and solidarity. Teamwork is what underlies Akfel’s every success both in its engineering works and in its commercial endeavors. With a team whose members gain experience through personal involvement in every stage of a project and with an absolute commitment to hard work and honesty, Akfel is a corporate citizen who values teamwork as the best way to create shared value.

Talent for coming up with unique solutions

Akfel has the ability to design, produce, and deliver unique solutions for every engineering and EPC project that it undertakes. That ability is what distinguishes Akfel from its competitors and what makes it an outstanding regional leader and business partner.


Established in Istanbul since 1995, Akfel has played a significant role in the regional energy markets  with its strategic partnerships.


We are a young, ambitious and dynamic player in the global energy market. We are focused on delivering enduring value for all of our stakeholders and in order to achieve this we have the right energy, know-how and capabilities.