Environmental sustainability is an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully


Creating value by being mindful of sustainability in all aspects of its production and trade processes is one of Akfel’s core operating principles.

Akfel operates in the energy sector, a business line that is vitally important not just to sustainable economic development but to human life in the most fundamental sense. However the energy sector is also a hot-button issue because of its potential for causing environmental harm. Taking this fact as its point of departure, Akfel’s actions are guided by its responsibility to hand a livable world on to future generations and it therefore engages in a systematic effort to minimize any adverse impact it may have on the environment as much as possible.

As a concept, sustainability means balancing economic growth with ecological considerations, making efficient use of natural resources so that the needs of today may be satisfied without endangering the ability of future generations to satisfy the needs of tomorrow, and taking a long-term view of the environment. This concept plays a key role in the determination of Akfel’s corporate objectives and strategies.


Established in Istanbul since 1995, Akfel has played a significant role in the regional energy markets  with its strategic partnerships.


We are a young, ambitious and dynamic player in the global energy market. We are focused on delivering enduring value for all of our stakeholders and in order to achieve this we have the right energy, know-how and capabilities.